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Congratulations Gerald!

Long time friend and Forged Physiques supporter Gerald Padilla stepped back on stage at the Kentucky Muscle on April 24th, 2021. Gerald has been bodybuilding for decades and prepped himself for this show and he did not disappoint. One thing about Gerald - he is NEVER out of shape! He brought, in my opinion, the best package he's ever brought to the stage. He did this show in honor of his late father, Abraham "Abe" Padilla. Gerald, no doubt, did his father proud!

When all was said and done, Gerald finished:

  • 2nd Place Masters Men's Physique

  • 5th Place Masters Classic Physique

We are all so proud of you Gerald! While I don't know if you plan to step on stage again any time soon or ever again, one thing I do know - you'll STILL never be out of shape! Thank you, as always, for your support and allowing me to be a small part of your journey to the stage this year!

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