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Matt Couch

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Your ideal physique will be created by applying constant heat through proper nutrition and training - and hammering away at it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This is how you FORGE your physique. Many of you want to believe that I've always been in shape, but that is far from the truth. In high school, I was a 3 sport athlete and in great shape. When I tore my ACL, MCL, PCL, and cartilage in 1999, my life changed forever! And then I made a change.. Since November 2006, I lost 144 lbs and kept it off until I decided to get into bodybuilding in 2018. I didn't get serious about body building until June 2019, though. I completed my first (mock)  prep in December of 2020. Fat --> "too skinny" --> bulking --> lean --> bulking - creating your ideal physique will have many faces and stages.  Each stage serves an essential role. Embrace the challenges, but most of all - ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

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Faith Cheers

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Faith started off as a client with Forged Physiques seeking a transformation of her own. She became a coach and part owner in May of 2021 after completing her ACE certification program.

She has such a passion for fitness and loves to push people to help them reach their goals. Adding her to the team was a slam dunk decision that we couldn't pass up.

Faith plans to compete as a bikini competitor in 2022.

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