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Aureo Yepez Castillo Historia Universal 8vo Pdf Download




Didactic and practical object of the characters in the life and history of the general Aureo Yépez Castillo, governor of the province of Leon, during the revolution, to be a source of information, interest and amusement. The book is divided into two sections: historical and biographical. The historical part explains the best conditions of the colony in the time of the Spaniards. The second includes a good description of the revolution, written in a lively way, both for the reader and the authors. It is based on the first hand information of the participants, most of whom are descended from the creole line. The style is sometimes sarcastic and bitter, but it is also filled with anecdotes and with humor, which allows you to understand both the reality of life and the man. The reader will find here information about the heroes and heroes, also, how to count cows. This book was written by Aureo Yépez Castillo, born on October 25, 1839, in the municipality of El Retrasado of San Miguel de Cuajiní, San Rafael of the department of Leon, a native of Spain. His parents were Juan Jose Yépez de Castillo and Rosalia. He became a student of the order of monks at the Basilica of San Miguel de Cuajiní, in San Rafael, where he later was canon, and then a priest. Later he began to live in the parish of Santiago in the department of Corrientes, until he returned to his native department. Here he married, and soon his first son, Aureo, was born, on August 3, 1857. He learned the job of a rancher. He was appointed head of the judicial system in the city of Navegantes in 1860. He was installed governor of the province of Leon, on January 12, 1862, after the death of the president, José Eusebio Carbajal. Thanks to his intelligence and knowledge of Spain, he knew the speech of the people, and acted in this field as a guide. He changed the power of the Church in the area. For his ability he was named mayor of the city of San Rafael, in the department of San Miguel. In 1872 he was elected president of the Constituent Congress. He was elected vice president of the National Congress in 1875, and resigned in order to go to Europe to make important diplomatic missions. He arrived in Europe, and in the same year he was elected president of the National Congress. He resigned the presidency on May



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Aureo Yepez Castillo Historia Universal 8vo Pdf Download

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