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This week, we had students do research and read about the topic “Dealing With Criticism” in our career cluster. Students read an article and then had a parent teacher conference to share their new found knowledge of online bullying and the negative impact that it can have on people. We then went back to the idea of our “story” by presenting our two character examples of online bullying. The teacher and I set up a classroom where students could observe the class in real time while simultaneously going through the experiential component of the lesson. They were given time to observe and then act out the experience of the lesson by working together as a team in a collaboration session. During the class, I ask questions that provide scaffolding to my students by scaffolding me. Here are a few: The viewers of your story have been in a group where they experienced the victim of the cyber bully. What might have been different if you were the student that was bullied? As a viewer of your story, what evidence do you have to know that what you are watching is an accurate depiction of what is happening? What have you learned about bullying in our story that might help you in your life? What changes in the story would you like to see happen? Collaborating in real time, we broke up into groups and practiced what we learned in the previous lesson. We discussed the activity and wrote questions to guide them through the process. Here are a few that our students wrote: The cyber bully says in his video “This is a story of a tragedy and a beautiful friendship. This friendship can’t be taken away from me.” How would this statement change your view of the story? The person in the role of the cyber bully tells the video’s story by bullying someone online and then posting the video of this bullying online for everyone to see. If he was not able to bully you on the internet, he has tried to bully you in real life. Why do you think he has chosen to bully you? What evidence does he give that this is the reason? During the course of the bullying, what did the cyber bully learn about the student? How could the cyber bully benefit from this knowledge? What would you do if you were the cyber bully? What would you do if you were a viewer of this video? The students then took turns writing and speaking out their findings to their




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Fight Night Champion For Pc Full Cra [Latest]

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