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What's in my Gym Bag?!

When I first got back into the gym, I did not feel the need to have a gym bag, but I also didn't feel the need to plan or write out my workouts (lol another post for another day). I was not always so organized or well-planned. It came from learning lots of lessons along the way. For example, how did I figure out that "Hey! A gym bag might be super useful!" - catch my sarcasm towards myself? I would forget little things like my wrist straps or be running out the door, late, and then have to run back in to grab my pre-workout. ORRR I would have to make sure I packed face wash because I had to go to workout right after (and that was the day that we didn't have deodorant with us......). Any who, let me save you the trouble of making all the mistakes I did and just share with you what I keep in mine! A pretty obvi one - a gym bag! I just grabbed a bag I found in my closet. Literally anything will do - mine just happened to be an old Pink bag that I forgot I even owned. You don't need to break the bank here. We are trying to make our lives a little easier, that's all! Start with the essentials. What are things you use in the gym or that help your workout daily? For me, I immediately grabbed my workout notebook, a pen, and my pre-workout. These were things I always always had to have. Better to be prepare. As someone who is always on the go, I live out of my car, gym bag, backpack, and lunch box. Being prepared has saved my butt more times than I can count. I created a makeup bag that contained travel size everything - deodorant, perfume, face wash, lotion, sunscreen, body wash, chap stick - you name it! This way I can get myself together in between the gym and work! Often times, I will even throw in an extra change of clothes just in case. Girllll you never know what to expect. Extras to enhance. This is exactly what it is, extras. They aren't necessary, but they sure do make a huge difference. These extras include: my posing shoes, wrist straps, hip circle bands, a belt, knee braces, and a sweat wrap (not pictured). I keep my posing shoes in my gym bag because I try to practice as much as possible and that means keeping them on hand! When life is crazy and chaotic, it is better to prep in advance. Set yourself up for success and oh - have a kick butt lift!

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